Friday, April 30, 2010

You know what I don't get?

The fact that when you're in a relationship, your partner tends to treat you like crap and not give their 100% when we are giving 150%.

And they let us go like it's the easiest, possible thing to do and we cry our hearts out for days and they just couldn't care less.

And when we finally have the strength and courage to actually move on and is ready to bury and let the past go, they come to us, trying to fix things, giving 101 excuses why we should give them a second chance.

Saying things like 'I just realized that I am still so madly in love with you' and 'I just can't seem to forget you', 'I was a jerk and I should've realised sooner' is not enough.

Do you honestly think that by saying that, the world is a much happier place for both you and me? Sometimes, the good things in life don't come twice. You only have one shot at it. It's either you give it your best shot and take a risk or you lose it and just keep living with the 'if only I had's.


mye. said...

true thatt fiza shake you bonbon. (haha tiba2 apahal!) :D

azwa said...

oh yeah mye *shakes bonbon* HAHA :D