Monday, August 17, 2009

The I wish's.

1. I wish that I was skinny, pretty, and tall.
2. I wish I don't shop that much and spend my money on less money-consuming things like tissues.
3. I wish I could eat seafood every day and have crabs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. I wish Snow White wore a different gown and Cinderella would wear her hair down.
5. I wish I could fly to Disneyland whenever I feel sad or lonely.
6. I wish I understand what animals are saying. Moo must mean smtg, right?
7. I wish cats don't scratch and animals are less scary.
8. I wish I have a lot of money so that I would be a guilt-free shopper.
9. I wish acne is a sticker dentists give instead of smtg that grows on your face or on your back.
10. I wish I could have a lion or a polar bear for a pet.
11. I wish ppl would understand that love is not just for boyfriends/girlfriends.There's a whole lot more to it.
12. I wish there are no such thing as light pollution.
13. I wish people would judge less and care more.
14. I wish leaving is a good thing and not one where people cry and be miserable about.
15. I wish homesick was a chocolate frog.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

what you see is not what you will always get, honey.
selalunye kita sngat lupa dan lalai dan tak perasan ape yang ada di depan mata smpai benda tu hilang.
bila dah hilang, baru lah nak meratap.
tapi bila dah terjadi, amik kotak tisu ni, lap air mata tu.
tak pun menangis lah diam2 dalam gelap tu smpai tertidur.
kalau tak, menangis masa tgh mandi.meraung pun takda sape dengar kan?
it makes you feel a whole lot better, kan?
hati rasa sakit?
ambil sekotak hansplast ni, tampal dekat hati tu.
tak berkesan?
lets move on to plan b then.
nak sedapkan hati sendiri, put the blame on someone else.
tunding jari dekat si polan ni, beritahu satu dunia si polan tu yang bersalah.
bina shield setebal yang mungkin agar diri sendiri tak akan dipersalahkan.
we always tell ourselves what we want ourselves to believe, but not the truth.
because the truth always does.
okay so i have been studying abdomen these few days that i can not look at it any more.
at one point, my head went black and i couldnt think of anything but chicken rice and cempedak goreng so i cooked lunch and watched the notebook and cried my heart out.
then i sat on the balcony, counted planes and stars and watched the clouds go by.
i waited for soraya to call and she did, at 12.
we went to welatin and laughed and talked and it felt good.
it felt like it was a really long time since i had a good laugh.
decided to walk back home since we were stuffed and came across this awesome pharmacy.
it felt like we were in cairo.
sat for more than an hour, rumagged through all the shelves and went excited and giddy.
ended up buying a body mist and face mask.
when we got home, it was 4 in the morning.
dyed shabs and soraya's hair and by 7, we were so sleepy that we slept till it was 3.
went for lunch and tea at baron and now its 2.39 in the morning.
i just finished my crepe *parts of it anyways*, am listening to pls dont stop the music, camwhoring alone with the webcam and i can hear the books screaming at me.
fish u spleen, kejap lah.gimme another 5 minutes. sighs.

oooh and it is true.ignorance is bliss and goodbyes are hold on tight to whatever you have right now.

p/s : what happens when you miss someone you really shouldnt?