Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

hari ni izzah balik malaysia.we sent her till d gate n wauted for the tramco together with her friends. then faisal lalu, faisal pun lepak sekali. smpai tramco dtang, peluk2. menanges kejap. faisal record. selekeyh! den bile naek atas,masuk bilik izzah. ade note die tinggalkan. izzah balik malaysia sebulan. LAMENYE. haih.takpela.will be counting the days. :( izzah, enjoy balik! :)
bdw,tomorrow manchester program start exam.d day after tomorrow,kitorang.gosh,cuak.

the best of luck, loves.
and izzah, if you're reading this,we are missing you already.
and erra, goodluck fo your interview.
break a leg.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aku pernah, jatuh cinta
Kerana cinta diriku merana
Aku pernah bahagia
Kata manisnya buat ku terpedaya
Biarkan aku temankan pilu
Haruskah cinta oh kejam padaku
i'll never trust u again.
they say,
owner of a lonely heart is much better than owner of a broken heart.
i never believed it.
but now i do.
but its okay.
i won't fall.
i'll bounce.
i'll fly.
and soar higher than you can ever imagine.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

hari ni mood saye tak baek.
bgun2 pagi dah cranky.
sbb saye tido lantai.
da la lantai tu sejuk.
sekarang ni tgah winter.
bile masuk bilik nak sambung tido pun tak bleh.
jadi pagi2 lagi saya dah cranky.
kluar dari bilik,naz bangun.
mengamuk2 sbb die tgah marah.
lagi la jadi baran.
pastu yuya plak kuar.
yuya pun jadi marah.
pika kluar.
naseb baek pika tak cakp ape2.
cube nak study.
kepale sngat pening.
msuk bilik yuya,dengar cite naz.
trus rase nak muntah.
pastu yuya nak masak.
mule2 kami ckp tak payah.
pastu pika ngan naz marah.
pastu masuk bilik,baring atas katil pika ngan yuya n tido.
smpai da nak dekat berbuke.
pastu makan.
malam pun ade orang cari pasal kat ym.
so marah lagi.
ape2 la.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

happy bday yuya my darling. :)
ure 19 now.
getting old.
more responsibilities.
and tougher.
i hope d party we had for u at pizza party,
and throwing eggs and flour at u in d middle of d nite,
by the nile river,
will be one of the many nights u'll cherish.
whenever ure feeling down,
or feel like d world is turning its back on u,
remember dat u'll still have us.
u'll still have me.
all d best wishes for u,
herein and hereafter.
may God bless u.
n be with u always.
guiding ur every step.
lots of love.
happy sweet 19th yuya my darling.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

semalam yuya snagt gembira.
sbb bean finally online setekah sekian lame n dey im'ed each other.
den naz got pissed off.
atas sebab2 tertentu.
den malam tu.
pika helped me with my fringe.
n naz decided to cut hers as well.
i said.
how about bangs?
n it turned out well.
despite us laughung our heads off.
pika accidentally cut her sideburns.
and injured her eyelids.
den we made naz wear a necklace n tie her hair.
she looked lovely.
oh bobot. :)
so we had late nite dinner at welatain.
walked back home.
it was freezing.
decided to go to sleep.
den nak kluar balik tak boleh.
mama da kunci gate.
sorry. :(
ym ngn mye.
told her wat happened last nite.
m now waiting for titi.
pastu mommy buzz.
cerite2 dengan mommy.
okay mommy,i know.but at least i am trying.but at times,its just hard.
n naz is trying her best to open d jar of strawberry jam.
yuya balik tuition dengan hadiah dari titi.
terima kaseh athirah rosli.
semoga kamu dimurahkan rezeki.
so now i dah tau exam masuk smpai mane.
gosh,abes la.lotsa catching up to be done.
semalam cakap2 ngan pika.
maybe tak pegi mane2 winter break.
settlekan keje sket kat cairo.
masih dalam perancangan.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

loving my girlfriends.


we annoy each other.

we bug each other.

we fight over d last piece of chocolate.


our mood swings are just simpy ridiculous.

we get mad over d simplest matter.


we push each other and fight for the mirror.


we shout at each other.

and end up sulking.


we joke around.

but the jokes arent funny at times.


we say the stupidest thing aloud.

and not realising.

dat it might hurt.

standing in front of the mirror and sharing eyeliners,lipsticks and makeups.

rummaging through each other's wardrobe.

laughing and rolling on the floor.

telling stories and sharing secrets.


singing out loud and dancing like no one's watching.

acting goofy.

crying our hearts out.

walking in the cold at 3 in the morning.

getting burns now and then at only-we-know-where.

eating snacks late at night.

drifting to sleep at the break of dawn.

day dreaming.

chocolates never tasted tastier.

crying never felt better.

jokes never felt funnier.

dreams never felt sweeter.

hopes never looked so possible.

i love you girls.


malam semalam kami semua tido lambat.
saya,naz,yuya dan pika.
tido lepas sahur.lepas subuh.
jadi hasilnya,kami bangun lmbat.
darl called at 8 *i think*.
tapi malangnye kami tido.
at least aku jawab fone,naz lagi la.
langsung tak sedar ape.
bangun kul 11 *kot*.
yuya baru lepas mandi,tgah basuh baju.
tgok laptop.
mommy buzz.
buzz balik.
mommy tak jawab.
10 minutes lepas tu,mommy nye status da idle.
mommy pegi amik erra balik sekolah kot.
setengah jam lepas tu,mommy tak buzz lagi.
tak lame lepas tu,mommy dah sign out.
takpe la.
saya tunggu mak saya online.
tapi tak online dah.
masuk bilik pika ngan yuya.
study biochem.
sambil baring2.
tgah menghafal.
tak ingat tengah hafal ape.
sedar2,yuya kejut.
pastu titi pun masuk bilik.
tak nampak.
ingatkan ade ape.
rupenye titi ngan yuya belikan bunga.
terima kaseh.
malam pegi gmn.
rase mcm da lame tak pegi sane.
lepas tu teman pika kluarkan duit.
balik singgah beli crepe.
esok naz ngan pika nak join masuk class.
dengar lecture.
harap semua bangun pagi esok.
sekarang ni da pukul 2.19 pagi.
saya nak tido.
selamat malam smue.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Daddy's GirlSource UnknownListed December 23, 2002 -->
Her hair up in a pony tail,her favorite dress tied with a bow.Today was Daddy's Day at school,and she couldn't wait to go.
But her mommy tried to tell her,that she probably should stay home.Why the kids might not understand,if she went to school alone.
But she was not afraid;she knew just what to say.What to tell her classmates,on the Daddy's Day.
But still her mommy worried,for her to face this day alone.And that was why once again,she tried to keep her daughter home.
But the little girl went to school,eager to tell them all.About a dad she never sees,a dad who never calls.
There were daddies along the wall in backfor everyone to meet.Children squirming impatiently,anxious in their seats.
One by one the teacher called,a student from the class.To introduce their daddyas seconds slowly passed.
At last the teacher called her name,every child turned to stare.Each of them were searching,for a man who wasn't there.
"Where's her daddy at?"she heard a boy call out."She probably doesn't have one,"another student dared to shout.
And from somewhere near the back,she heard a daddy say."Looks like another deadbeat dad,too busy to waste his day."
The words did not offend her,as she smiled at her friends.And looked back at her teacher,who told her to begin.
And with hands behind her back,slowly she began to speak.And out from the mouth of a child,came words incredibly unique.
"My Daddy couldn't be here,because he lives so far away.But I know he wishes he could,be with me on this day."
"And though you cannot meet him,I wanted you to know.All about my Daddy,And how much he loves me so."
"He loved to tell me stories,he taught me to ride my bike.He surprised me with pink rosesand taught me to fly a kite."
"We used to share fudge sundaes,and ice cream in a cone.And though you cannot see him,I'm not standing here alone."
"Cause my Daddy's always with me,even though we are far apart.I know because he told me,he'll forever be here in my heart."
With that her little hand reached up,and lay across her chest.Feeling her own heartbeat,beneath her favorite dress.
And from some where in the crowd of dads,her mother stood in tears.Proudly watching her daughter,who was wise beyond her years
For she stood up for the love,of a man not in her life.Doing what was best for her,doing what was right.
And when she dropped her hand back down,staring straight into the crowd.She finished with a voice so soft,but its message clear and loud.
"I love my Daddy very much,he's my shining star.And he'd be here if he could,but heavens much to far."
"Sometimes when I close my eyes,it's like he never went away."And then she closed her eyes,and she saw him there that day.
And to her mother's amazement,she witnessed with surprise.A room full of Daddies and Children,all starting to close their eyes.
Who knows what they saw before them,who knows what they felt inside.Perhaps for merely a second,they saw him at her side.
"I know you're with me Daddy,"to the silence she called out.And what happened next made believers,of those once filled with doubt.
Not one in that room could explain it,for each of their eyes had been closed.But there placed on her desk,was a beautiful pink rose.
And a child was blessed, if only for a moment,by the love of her shining bright star.And given the gift of believing that,Heaven is never too far..
haha.hari ni hari yang.....berbaur2.
here's why.

pagi tadi satu umah (sabby,yuya and i) tak bgun for histo class.tapi aku bangun yang paling lambat.pastu mase tgah tido dengar sabby ckap "tu la kan da ckap,jgan kluar lewat malam.kan dah tak boleh bangun pagi.orang cakap tanak dengar.haih." dalam hati "ala,tgah ngantok ni.nnt la kau marah aku sabby,tunggu aku bangun.'' pastu sambung tdo smpai yuya kejut lagi sekali.

da siap2 smue,duduk la nak tunggu azan zohor pastu baru nak pegi kelas anat. "sabby,tadi ade cakap2 pasal kluar malam tak mase aku tgah tido?" "ada,tapi bukan dekat kau.dekat munir." "ohh.ok2.ingatkan kau marah aku mase aku tgah tido tadi." haha.

lepas smayang zuhur,ni plan ngan yuya :

  • pegi class anatomy
  • pegi class physiology
  • pegi beli chicken burger sbb yuya lapar
  • pegi muhafzah sbb yuya nak kuarkan duet
  • pegi masjid nur nak smyang asar
  • pegi duduk mane2 nak study

lepas smyang kuar umah.smpai universiti da pukul 12.30. pastu yuya cakap "baby,kau nak masuk anat ke?tinggal lagi stengah jam je ni.kite g beli chicken burger eh?" "aku puase la.tapi takpe la,jom." pastu jalan la pegi friends.aku tunggu yuya kat tepi friends sbb ade air smyang.pastu tbe2 yuya dtang. "baby,kau bawak duet tak?" "tak.nape?" "aku pun tak bawak duet.purse pun tak bawak" "laa,kate nak pegi muhafzah.jom la balik amik purse kau.aku nak tukar kasut gak ni."

pastu kitorang pun balik,amik purse yuya n tukar kasut.pastu da tak larat nak jalan balik so decide nak naek taxi.pastu naek taxi,jalan pulak jam.smpai2 depan kuliah tib,jam da pukul 1.30.sudah.lambat lagi.pastu tanye pakcik taxi "hantar smpai muhafzah boleh?'' "mumkin" lepas tu da lame baru yuya kluarkan duet. "by,aku ade 50 irsh je." "aku lagi la takde duet langsung." sudah.korek2 bag,jumpe la 50 irsh tersepit. "lagi 50 irsh?'' pandang orang sebelah tgah pegang fone nokia mahal. "yuya,mintak die 50 irsh." "kalau die mintak due genih camne?" "adoyai.'' pastu korek2 duet,jumpe duit syiling due genih.alhamdulillah.pastu mase bagi duet kat pak cik tu,pak cik tu gelak.sorry la pak cik,tak leh nak watpe la.

pas yuya kuarkan duet,yuya lapar.nak pegi makan kat welatain,kat tahan la taxi nak pegi sane.ckap ngan pak cik nak pegi sikkah sbb die tak tau welatain kat mane.takpe laa.pastu tbe2 pakcik tu suruh turun.dah turun,baru kat stesen kereta api.adoyai.ingatkan kene tipu.tahan la taxi ckp nak pegi sikkah.tak de satu taxi pun nak.lepas tu ade sorang pakcik ckap. " la sikkah,tapi ni kat belakang.masuk ikut lorong tu,sikkah la." ooooh.lepas gelak2, masuk la lorong ngan yuya.rupenye salah lorong.lorong yang kitorang masuk tu lorong dalam tu msue workshop.and takde perempuan langsung except kitornag due.da la laki dalam tu smue yang cam menakutkan.yang tangan ngan muke itam2 sbb ade arang,pastu pandang semacam je. "by,salah lorong." "tau,takpe.jalan je.bwat muke confident". smpai hujung lorong,cepat2 tahan taxi.ckp nak g shari' mashaya.pastu die berhentikan kat tepi sg nil,kat tempat naek boat.

kene la panjat bukit sbb nak g welatain yuya.smpai2,yuya order pastu kitorang duduk.haha.yuya je laa pun yang makan.lame ar gak lepak welatain.bukak buku biochem.pastu ckap2 ngan yuya.sambung study balik.pukul 4.yuya bawak balik fries ngan pepsi.tahan taxi.takde sape nak.pastu ade sorang pakcik ckp "kalau nak balik,tahan taxi kat belah sane" laaa.naseb baek pakcik tu ckp,kalau tak smpai maghrib la dk sini tercenguk tunggu taxi.lintas jalan,ade tramco maen2 ngan kitorang lak.takpela,die takkan langgar nye.kalau kat msia, kitorng da kene lenyek kot.

masuk2 taxi,ade makcik lagi sorang.borak ngan makcik tu jap.pastu tbe2 pakcik tu (dlam umur awal 60) tanye "awak manis.nak kawen dengan saya tak?" "takpe la,tanak.'' pastu sepanjang jalan tu die berdakwah dengan lagi sorang laki masuk after kitorang.lepas tu byak kali die ckp laki boleh kawen pakcik,saye tau.smpai makcik tu marah die n pandang serong.kitorang gelak je la.lepas tu laki tu turun.pastu mak cik tu plak turun.pastu die amik lagi sorang laki. "nak turun kat mane? " ''shari' samanudi." pastu pakcik ni masuk satu lorong kat tepi cafe cafe.shortcut kot.pastu tbe2 lorong tu jam sbb ade orang tgah baru nak wat longkang.ade la budak laki umur 8 tahun tgha maen tembak2 dngan adek die.tbe2 pakcik tu tanye budak tu samanudi katne.budak kecik tu pun bagi la directions n still die tak tau. ''takpe la.tir'ah pun takpe la pakcik" pakcik tu nak ptah balik,kat blakang ade byak kete.die suh kitorang turun kat situ.hampeh.kate nak kawen ngan aku,tapi tinggal aku kat tgah jalan.huh.yuya pun gelak2.kitorang jalan la balik.nmpak due orang budak laki tgah maen.yuya offer pepsi yuya kat diorang.dengan muke smart "la',wallah.syukran" yuya offer fries lak.tak menyempat due2 orang tu amik fries.haha,sekeh kang dak2 ni.pastu jalan balik.hahah.balik umah,berbuke ngan tomyam,pika masak. :)

of cold nights,love and friendship.

today,i talked to a lot of ppl.
i have been doing a lot of thinking lately.
and some of it bothers me.
i didnt even realise it bothered me dat much.
so here goes.
i don't know what's up with u.
i do not know what do u want from me.
u said it will all get better.
and i actually believed u.
truly,i did.
but i guess things change.
u've changed.
n maybe i changed as well.
but i was hoping things didnt have to change.
but it did.
and i.
u got me hanging for a while.
i got lost.
i tried to find my way back.
i know that i have to let go and move on.
but somehow ur shadow still lingers around.
i realised dat you were a part of me.
and i guess you still are.
but this is as far as i can go.
i will not cling and drown myself anymore.
i will not make u want me anymore.
i have my family and friends around.
and i know,they still have my back.
i am moving on now.
trying to still have faith in everything and everyone else around me.
and smile.
cos i know the world is still spinning.
and i'm still living.
but u'll still be able to find my footprints in the sand.
loves :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

butterfly kisses.

i just read dlow's blog.

and a few others.

so,the conclusion here is :

i miss ayah waking me up for school.

i miss mommy waiting for us at the school gate.

i miss nagging erra in d morning to hurry up.

i miss hearing pudding crying early in the morning for school.

i miss having lunch with mommy.

i miss staying back after school.

i miss dlow.

i miss lillians.

i miss 5c.

i miss d lounge.

i miss staying up late at nite wif d girls.

i miss camwhoring.

i miss those boring preps.

i miss having to sneak around just to eat maggi late at nite.

i miss having to book the shower.

i miss prefects shouting after latecomers.

i miss the boring classes.

i miss escaping programs.

i miss d fishball and the keli cili padi.

i miss the carefree days at UKM.

i miss the driving lessons.

i miss hanging out with mommy and makteh.

i miss hugging and kissing my aunts.

i miss having lunch and shopping with mommy.

i miss sleeping with erra every nite.

i miss ayah coming to my room every day after work.

i miss wrestling with pudding.

i miss erra and ding's hugs and kisses.

i miss visiting afiz.

i miss buying him large big mac set at mcdonalds.

i miss buying slurpees.

i miss going out together on weekends.

i miss stopping by the fish pond.

i miss watching afiz on my bed using the laptop.

i miss seeing ayah shake his head when he disapproves of something.

i miss seeing mommy smile.

i miss seing afiz blush and laugh.

i miss seeing erra roll on the floor laughing.

i miss seeing pudding playing his ps or ds.

i miss hearing the piano.

i miss my room.

i miss my house.

i miss everyone.

i'm not gonna cry.

at least not tonight.

goodnite everyone.

it's 8.24 pm and i just finished watching twilight for d 3rd time dis year.ohh,how i envy bella.haha.

nothing much happened today.i stayed home all day n did not spend my money at all today.which, i am kinda proud of.i had to resist naz's persuasion to eat lunch at gmn and luckily izzah was der to convince me how good eggs are with kicap kipas udang.haha.

izzah made nasi lemak for was good and i tasted sotong kering for d first time.nice. :)

den naz made me dance to crazy in love if i wanted the key.she promised not to laugh.pika was there as well.and wen i did,naz laughed her head off and started rolling on the yang ym nye emoticon tu.n pika laughed as well.haha.naseb baek i got d keys.den dey went to nusan for their study group and naz looks nice tonite.n pika is very super duper extra blushingly happy sbb dpat ym ngan baong.haha.i stayed home, ALONE, watched twilight and den my sister buzzed me n we im'ed.haha.she got mad cos i wasnt responding well to her stories. sorry sis,but u buzzed me at d wrong time.will definitely make it up to u d next time.haha.

so now here i am alone,rewinding the movie in my head,hands freezing cold,waiting for my deares hsemates to come back home,thinking bout my screwed ipod, *gosh,i can hear pipin's voice.sudah,da la sorang2 je ni kat umah.nak kene tuka baju lagi,adoyai.* upcoming midterms and finding myself missing my family back home.darn.

cheers to nazeera nasir.

naz my dearest,
thanks for helping me wif d layouts and watever ding dong ntah pasal mende2 tu.
ppl, my layout and stuff are all from naz's midas touch.

n yeah, akibatnye naz kene tido kul 4 pagi sbb yuya pun nak gak.
thanks again naz. ;)

new year's resolution.

hey ppl.
after lame gile tak update,here goes~

happy new year 2009. :)

yay ppl,i'm 19. :)

so,here are my new year's resolutions.

1. to like biochem and not escape biochem lectures.

2. to call home more often.

3. to update my blog regularly.

4. to play hard and study harder.

5. to try to view things and life from a larger perspective.

6. to learn to manage my money wisely.

7. to ensure yuya and naz are prepared in case dey marry someone who only eats wen der is cili padi.

8. to be a better person as a whole.

9. to love and appreciate love.

10. to move on.