Friday, April 2, 2010

I was talking *talking meant long comments on facebook, yes, I do that* to Sarah and we were talking about breakfast when I realized, I have a box of Fruit Loops I bought months ago and did not finish because it did not taste fruity enough and another box of Gold Flakes I would probably finish in months' time because it has nuts. And boleh tak perasan? Motherfather. So I end up eating Twinkies for breakfast.

And one more thing that I have just realised, my brain is turning its small little backless back on me. I have very short attention span when it comes tu studying and it absorbs every little information I do not need like 'oooh, her bag's pretty' or 'I like his hair', instead of informations that should be glued to my brain for at least another 3 months like Anatomy and Physiology.


Mizah said...

i know ur feelingggg.dammit i think my level of intelligence drops every single second.

good luck trying to shove things into ur brain alright :)

sarah said...

omg! i still havent got a twinkie. ohh, andd i have that too, like now, i tgah study then mcm ooo blog!

azwa said...

Mizah - I know, it's frustrating and depressing at the same time. Sighs. Good luck to you too :)

Sarah - Go get a Twinkie. Then maybe we can build a Twinkie Tower like the one in Disturbia ;)