Monday, April 5, 2010

Orang mcm makin lama makin takde kerja.
Tadi tgh duduk layan perasaan sorang-sorang, terdengar cerita pulak.
A rumor has been going around for a while now.
Fitnah tu pulak, tak berasas langsung.
Kira mcm kalau orang tu betul-betul kenal kitorang, confirm akan gelak smpai pecah perut and go 'hak ela, kau ni biar betul'.
The best part would be that the genius who created it and the one who spread it, mcm tak kenal kitorang.
Padahal time kau susah, pandai pulak kau cari kitorang minta tolong.
Now, you might feel like you're on top and you're enjoying the view from up there.
But remember dear friend, you won't be on top for long, that's just how the cycle is.
And bila dah smpai part nak minta tolong tu, sorry.

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us.

Btw, malas lah nak amik kisah apa jadi sekeliling.
Why give satisfaction to these idiots who obviously enjoys attention and destruction in a community?
I'd prefer to drink a cup of hot coffee and just study since the finals are so close, I could literally hear my heart beat faster as I type.
Please, spare me all the drama.
Aku nak naik tahun diam-diam pun susah sangat ke? Sighs.

Biar lah apa orang nak buat, bak kata orang, mulut orang, kita tak boleh nak tutup, kan?
So, kita doakan je lah yang terbaik buat kita.
Just pray that God gives us strength and courage, for only He knows the reason behind every thing that is happening.

It is always the darkest before dawn.

A quote I came across once before when I was younger and I still tell myself this every time I feel like the world is turning its back against me.

Oooh, and maybe hang out with the very few friends I have and have a good laugh so that we would still be sane enough to enjoy Malaysia and all its heavenly wonders during summer break.

Who's with me on this?

*plugs in earphone**turns on iPod**study smpai mengantuk*

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