Saturday, April 18, 2009

hari tu dah elok demam.
beberapa hari saya bersuka ria.
balik dari Nusan semalam,
lepak di tangga dengan Yuya.
pukul 11.30,rasa mcm dah terlmpau sejuk.
saya ajak Yuya naek,balik rumah.
smpai di rumah,terus rase mcm nak demam.
pukul 12 dah tidur.
awal tersangat-sangat.
sepanjang malam meringkuk,
sbb terlampau sejuk.
sampai 2 lapis selimut.
bgun jam 6 pagi.
kepala rasa berat,
tekak rase lain.
Yuya ngan Naz ade kat luar.
Yuya buat sarapan,
French Toast.
makan sekeping,tapi tak lalu.
makan ubat,
tukar seluar,
berselubung kembali.
terjage balik jam 1.
Naz kejut ajak makan.
nak duduk rumah.
rase mcm dah okay.
buka facebook,check email,berchatting.
turun ambil photostat soalan past years.
balik, Yuya masak nasi.
buat la sup ayam.
tapi tak habes.
tgok ayam tu pun rase nak termuntah.
bila makan,tak payah ckp la.
dah cuba abiskan,tapi tak dpat.
akhirnye terpaksa buang nasi dan sup ayam.
tidur balik,
mintak tolong Yuya kejutkan untuk smyang Maghrib.
banyak kali Yuya kejut,
tapi tak larat nak bangun.
akhirnye bila smue orang da balik,
dan Naz pun da masuk kejutkan sembahyang,
bangun untuk sembahyang.
tapi sekarng ni da rase feverish balik.
exam finals tak smpai seminggu lagi.
macam mana ni?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


That's why I haven't been blogging this few days.

Sekian, harap maklum.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hari ni kene marah. Because I am not studying hard enough.


Slaps self very hard.


Tapi bak kate Zan, "macam mane kalau saye mati lemas dalam timbunan buku-buku ni?''

Haih.Here goes.
Cos if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me,
And your heart starts to wonder where on this Earth I can be,
Thinking maybe you'd come back here to the place that we'd meet,
And you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street.

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's 6.18 in the morning and no,it's not dark.
I havent slept yet, because it was one heck of a night.

I made su'un,but something, somehow, somewhere went wrong and it didnt taste good. My cooking's not that awful, my housemates are still breathing after 7 months of having to eat what I made them every Thursday. But then, maybe it was just the other half of me, the one who wanted pizza so badly.

I called Faisal and askedif he wanted to go to Pizza King, a local pizza parlor, but he had a semayang hajat thing going on so we decided to go some other time. While trying to eat my so-called-meal, I just couldnt eat it and decided to go to Pizza Hut since we can just take a cab and it'll be way safer rathar than walking along dark alleys and Galak. So I went with Pika, yes, just the two of us. I wanted Stuffed Crust Pizza so badly, I didn't mind having a regular pizza, since they dont have personal pizza's for stuffed crust. I didn't finish it. Brought it home. Decided to go to Nike and Caj since Pika's looking for a birthday present for someone. Nothing interesting in Nike and Caj was closed. Went back home.

Yuya and Pika have been wearing kain batik for a couple of nights, and Naz usually goes to bed in one. So took out my mom's kain batik and insisted that Naz teach me how to wear it. Pika came out and we started playing with the kain batik. Yuya came out after she heard the noise, and we grabbed selendangs and camwhored. Until Shabs and Asadah called,wanting us to go to Cafe Cafe as well. At first, I decided not to, because I just got back and wanted to just sit quietly at home, so Naz went with Faisal. Not long after that, I wanted bananas so buzzed Aceng to go to the fruit stall with me. Decided to join them at Cafe Cafe and realized that Shabs coloured her hair. The same colour as her mobile. Pfft Shabs. Haha. :D :D Faisal left early, so Aceng had to bear hearing us talk about stuffs. Makeup,sales,mall,hair,etc. We went back at 1 in the morning.

Then it was Asadah's turn to colour her hair.When I got to their house, Shabs was half way through and I just finish off whats left. Was very sleepy by then, but I wanted to stay up, practically fell asleep on Asadah's bed, so Shabs made me a cup of coffee. Yes, that's how sweet Shabs is. :) Waited for Asadah to wash her hair and helped her dry her hair. It turned out nice. We could open a salon. Haha. So went back home with Naz, *bdw,their place is on the ground floor,and ours is on the fifth floor*. Naz went to bed after Isya' and everybody's still sleeping. I am trying to study Biochem. Exam's less than a month away and I am really nervous. And just so you know, I have no confidence for Anat. Nada, nil, zero. Gosh. Will have to work my way if I want to get back home.

Here's the timetable.

  • Essay : 14th May
  • Oral : 20th May
  • Essay : 28th May
  • Oral : 30th May
  • Essay : 13th June
  • Oral : 19th June
  • Essay : 25th June
  • Oral : 29th June
  • 5th June

*slaps self hard*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I watched the walls around me crumble
But it's not like I won't build them up again
So here's your last chance for redemption
So take it while it lasts, cause it will end
My tears are turning into time I've wasted
Trying to find a reason for goodbye

I can't live without you
Can't breathe without you
I'm dreamin' bout you
Honestly, tell me that it's over
Cause if the world is spinning and I'm still living
It won't be right if we're not in it together
Tell me that it's over
And I'll be the first to go
Don't want to be the last to know

I won't be the one to chase you
But at the same time
You're the heart that I call home
I'm always stuck with these emotions
And the more I try to feel, the less I'm whole
My tears are turning into time I've wasted
Trying to find a reason for goodbye

I can’t live without you
Can’t breathe without you
I’m dreamin' bout you
Honestly, tell me that it’s over
Cause if the world is spinning and I’m still living
It won't be right if were not in it together
Tell me that it's over
And I’ll be the first to go, yeah, I’ll be the first to go
Don’t want to be the last to know (over, over, over)

My tears are turning into time I’ve wasted
Trying to find a reason for goodbye

I can’t live without you
Can’t breathe without you
I’m dreamin' bout you
Honestly, tell me that it’s over
Cause if the world is spinning and I’m still living
It won't be right if were not in it together
Tell me that it's over
Tell me that it's over, over
Honestly tell me, honestly tell me
Don't tell me that it's over
Don't tell me that it's over

One text message.
One call.
One email.
One offline message.
It's all that I'm asking for.

p/s : don't leave me hanging.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There were Frosties and Corn Flakes on the shelf, apart from Smacks. But why did I take Smacks instead?

  1. I wanted Rice Krispies, but they ran out if stock.
  2. Smacks sounded cool.
  3. Wnted to try something new,to invigorate the senses.

The results?

It tasted like burnt pecans eaten with milk.

I added slices of banana to help finish up a whole bowl of it but did it help? No.

Izzah tried and she said it tastes awful.

Pika said it tastes nice, but looks like little bugs swimming and asked me to imagine eating little bugs with milk. It being crunchy and all. -.-'' Pika finished it.

I bought a BIG box of it,and it costs me LE 30. I don't think I can finish it. Didnt mean to waste, but I just can't eat it. Will be giving Pika the cereal since she likes it.

Moral of the story, stick to cereals you know tastes good.
I hate doing the laundry.
Enough said.
I've been procrastinating to do my laundries forha the past two weeks and now its all piled up. Like piled so high, am having headache just looking at it. So decided to do my laundry. Right now. But apparently, there's LOTS that needs to be washed. Jeans, shirts,baju kurungs, bedsheet, towel, you name it. So most probably 4 rounds baru all will be done. And have I mentioned how much I ''like'' doing the laundry? I'd rather cook, iron, clean the whole house, scrub the toilet, run errands all day long or even mow the lawn. Anything, that soesn't involve having to do the laundry. It's not that I am lazy r anything, but do you know, there's just at least one thing that you just simpy do not want to do? Well,mine's doing the laundry.I wish I was back in school, where dear Mak Cik Siti was there. Early morning, before going to school, drop by my laundry at the washing room and having it washed and ironed. It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I dont like doing the laundry. And the fact that the washing machine we're using now doesn't have a spinner, bummer. 4 loads. Enough said.