Saturday, December 3, 2011

I have always missed you everytime we were apart.
Even if it was just for an afternoon.

I loved how it fell to wake up in the morning next to you.
Sometimes, I would just lie in bed and look at you.
Every single time I looked at you felt like the first time looking at you.

I love how you would smile, say good morning and pull me close.
You would smile, hug me and hold me against you for a while, then tickle me and we'd both laugh and that's how our day would start.

Starting a day with you, any day, would be a good day for me.
We'd walk out of the house together, and I'd be so sleepy, you'd hold my hand and we'd walk, and with a 'see you later' we'd head for classes and routines.

We were so attached that, even in classes, we would talk to each other through BBMs.
Your messages would always make me smile, even during the most boring classes and I'd be walking on sunshine for the rest of the day.

You made me feel like nothing can go wrong,
like no one can hurt me,
like for once in my life,
I felt like my whole life couldn't be any more perfect.

I don't know if it's gravity holding us close,
or fate.
We would always bump into each other,
and everytime we do, it felt like my whole world has being lit.
And the happiness that radiates from within me,
was a sort of happiness I never thought existed.

I would always be the first to know if something happened in your life,
and so were you.

You were the first person to hold my hand in public, and it felt like you were proud to have me by your side.
You always, always, made me laugh, I can't remember a minute being with you that I didn't felt happy.

The late night walks by the river,
Staring at the stars late at night,
Sitting in the car for hours just sitting next to each other,
I loved every single minute of it.

People looked and stared at us.
Strangers smiled at us.
I knew that they knew how happy I was, how you made me feel.
You wouldn't even let a bug come close to me, let alone people hurt me.
You always had my back,
You protected me and made me felt safe,
You taught me how it felt like to love and to be loved.

Whenever I'd show up at your doorstep, you'd always be there waiting for me at the door.
You'd smile, and almost instantly, make me forget how bad my day was, or how tired I was.
You'd hold my hand and bring me inside, and then you'd carry me and spin me in circles, but you'd never let me fall.
Not even once.

I could never lie to you, no matter what it was.
You could always tell if something was wrong with me, no matter how hard I try to hide it.
You opened your door for me,
You invited me to your world and let me be a part of it.
You introduced me to your friends,
You let me hang out with them and we'd all talk until 3 in the morning,
but you would always sit next to me.
You'd hold me in front of them,
Or lie on my lap,
Anything at all to show them boys that I was yours,
And I couldn't have been happier.

You said you love my eyes, they were beautiful and you told everyone about it.
You said you love my smile, they bring joy to your life.
You said you love seeing me eat ice cream, its the cutest you've seen in your life.
You said you love how I would sit on your floor, and you would sit next to me, because it'd make you feel whole.
You said you love how I look when I'm excited, I'd be the little girl you want to protect.
You said you love how I smell, and how my body feels so warm against you.
You said you love how I'd take your pillow and sleep, it brings you comfort.
You said you love having me lie next to you and how the bed smells of me, even when I'm not around.

I loved everything about you.
I love how my hands fit in yours, the tightness of your fingers holding mine.
I love how your hair would curl against my fingers.
I love falling asleep in your arms every night, my hands on your chest and yours around me.
I love how you would curl your legs around mine all night.
I love how you would hug me from the back randomly.
I love how you'd always steal kisses from me.
I love when you carry me around and spin me across the room.
I love eating ice creams late at night with you.
I love wearing your necklace.
I love how I miss you so bad whenever you're not around.
I love your smile, and how you always look at me.
I love how you always annoy me.
I love how you make me laugh.
I love how you make me smile.
I love everything there is about you.

I guess I'm in love with you.
I love you.