Saturday, May 1, 2010

My biological clock is broken, if that's the word you can use.

The other week before exams I would sleep at 6, konon macam agar tak lepas semayang subuh. Bangun around 3.30. Just in time for Zohor dan semayang Asar di awal waktu.

During exam week it was pening-kepala-sbb-tahan-mengantuk because I usually sleep after finishing exams, around noon, and waking up at around the same time. So you can say I was sleep deprived. Can I get very loud and long pfffffts? Hell yeah.

And then now, I sleep at 3 pm all the way till 10 at night. Well at least I get to see the sun rise and inhale freah air while drinking orange juice? Gaaaah.

They changed the exam schedule. Again. I think it has been only 5 or 6 times since they changed it? The best part, 2 days gap in between papers and exam starts mid June and ends mid July and we are supposed to move out end of June and we don't have a house and I still can't imagine moving in the midst of exams. Thank you to whoever is responsible for the new schedule.

Oh and one last thing, I don't like people who put the blame on others when it is very obvious you are the one who should be blamed. Don't bother trying to explain, hoping that someone will get you off the hook, we're not stupid, you know. Trust is hard to gain, but very easy to lose.

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