Friday, June 12, 2015

Malaysians on the road

So this is an attempt for me to start blogging again after ages of not doing so...

Ever since I could remember, I've always been using Smart Tag (which is an automated device that automatically deducts your credot balance without having to hand over cash at toll booths). But since I have been busy (and running out of cash to top it up), I have been queing at the normal cash lane at tolls and found something that really pissed me off the last few days.

.....People just can't que.

It is more than obvious, as obvious as it would be if you had  an elephant at your living room, that there is a que at the different booths, where people stay behind the car in front of them, and patiently wait until it's their turn to hand over the cash at the person in charge.

But what I've been facing last week was there would bound to be one brainless idiot who would proudly, without a hint of shame or guilt, drive all the way up front and try to cut que. This would be followed by the same species who, again, without the slighest hint of shame or guilt, start queing up behind brainless idiot 1 to start a new que of lets-fucking-cut-the-que-so-we-can-go-faster.

Wow, good job people. Day by day, we seem to prove ourselves that we are what we claim to be modern citizens of the world, driving our fancy imported cars, holding our fancy latest phones, stuck in our third world mentality, practicing cavemen behaviours that would even put them to shame.

Unless the world will crack if you don't pay within the next 30 seconds, or you're gonna get spasm and lose an ear if you don't reach somewhere within the next 5 minutes, you have no abso-fucking-lutely right to cut the que. Yeah, you have to be somewhere, but don't we all? Your time is no more precious than someone else's.