Saturday, June 6, 2009

I am not a shopaholic.
Neither do I come from a family where money is not an object.
It's just that when I do buy something, it makes me feel better.
A whole lot better.
Be it a pair of shoes, bags, clothes or just an ice-cream,
shopping is like a therapy.
Seriously, it is.

I do not cry without a reason.
I cry when I am feeling sad, down, discouraged, mad or simply scared.
When it feels unbearable.
I do not cry because I want the attention.
I cry because when I do, it washes a bit of the pain.

Do not tell me that I do not want it bad enough.
Or that I am not working as hard as you are.
Or that I do not deserve it.
Because you do not know anything.
At least not yet. :)

Anyways, Physio exam is in 7 days, exactly a week. And I haven't been studying as hard as I should. They are all in Japan for the holidays. And I did not know until last night, the day before they're coming back home. Yeah, I love you guys too. Pfft.

Ohh, the other day one of my housemate was studying with bones and she took permanent markers and started drawing muscle insertion and all when another hosemate of mine asked,

''eh, takpe ke kau conteng tulang tu dengan marker?''

and guess what she answered?

''hmm.entah lah, tapi aku rasa lah kan, aku rasa lah, tulang ni tak payah amik air smyang.''

so, yeah.
and the other day, W wanted to take photos with X, to compare skin colours.

W : jom lah, satu gambar je.
X : no.
W : boleh lah. it's for my own collection.
X : no.
W : i'm recording this, you know.
X : s**t, nmpak! saje je kan?

Then, all of a sudden,

Y : Kalau aku masuk, mesti aku kat tengah2 kan?

One word Y, pffffffft.
Anyways, we retold the story to Z and A.

Z : tak baik lah, habis tu kalau aku, dekat mane?
Y : kau tgh gayut phone mase tu.
W,X,A : huh?
Z : bukan, kalau aku masuk, aku dekat mane?
Y : kau tgh gayut phone lah mase tu.
W,X,A : Oi, kau ni kenape?
Y : aku faham.haha.

The conclusion here is, we, by the day, scratch that. By the second, are getting more and more insane. But most definitely we are loving every second of it.

Oh, the people I love.

One who hates aborigin people, bad English, zits, wants to get hot ASAP, and wants nothing more than to be home, an SLR camera and likes someone never-in-a-million-years-would-she-fall-for-but-did-eventually. Sometimes is extra sweet saying stuff like ''aku sayang kau'' and when she's not in the mood and you try saying that, she'll be '' What did you do? What did you break?'' and is a philosopher-in-the-making.

Another one who seems to be the only one who likes Miley Cyrus and the another-mountain-song in the house, trying to learn the guitar, addicted to Best juices, always in front of the laptop and is now being called a rempit by Naz.

The big sister who really knows how to cheer people up, had a pedal-feast the other day, always up for delivery or just jalan-jalan when we're bored, always there to listen, knows how to have fun and still work hard for what she wants and a firm believer of herself and always have a way of making us happy and trust me, seeing her laugh is contagious. I rolled on the floor at 5 in the morning, crying as I laughed too hard. Oh, and don't ask what were we laughing about.

And the bubbly one who always does random things and say random stuffs. Always up for shopping, movies and chocolates. Very funny and sweet and always perasan as the ''budak kampung''. Pfft. Cyberjaya bukan kampung okay? And is being bahan-ed as the Mawi fan, mainly because she's from Johore and adalah sbb satu benda ni. She's part Bugis and if it isn't for her, I wouldnt know what Burasak, mandre or lalek menggali-gali means. Oh, and she basically reads my minds at times and sometimes, writes it on my wall on Facebook. :)

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~mydear164~ said...

kesian kamu..may ALLAH bless u..jgn terlalu bersedih wahai sahabat..kamu nk tau..byk lagi org kat luar tu lagi sedy..ngan sbb2 yg byk dan sgt3 sdy..kalo ad ape2..nk la tau..kt sedia mmbantu..hpeless..hehe..wasalam