Monday, June 8, 2009

We were studying, when Naz started googling.
Of all the things google-able, guess what she googled.
Mona Fandey.
Yes, THE Mona Fandey.
Apparently, she's on Wikipedia.
That's how popular she is.
Apparently, she was a pop singer at one point, managed to record an album, and has this one hit single, 'Ratapan Anak' and it's on Youtube.
Seriously, the video was creepy.
Naz posted a link and wrote

''Adakah tahap keberanian anda tinggi? Sila buka.''

And she sent a picture of her when she was on trial to Izzah and Yuya's phone, insisting that she put that as their wallpaper.
And guess who shouted at 12.30 in the morning?
All of us.
So much for late night entertainment.

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