Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hari ni sngat lah panas.
Like when I woke up, I immediately took a shower and didn't want to get out.
Kalau boleh nak berendam, but then baru teringat.
I have Histology exam tomorrow.

So then I studied and sometime after Asar, I got tired and sleepy.
Honestly, the heat somehow has a way of making people sleepy.
So I slept and basically woke up after 10 minutes.
The frustrating part?
It happened for two hours.
And at six, I started feeling cranky because I needed the sleep.
I wanted to sleep. Badly.
But had to wake up because I was sweating like mad.
It was as if I just ran across a desert at noon.

And, the best part was, my lipbalm melted.
Yes, my lipbalm, yang baru beli hari tu and baru pakai sekali, melted.
It was in a tub, and no, I didn't put it beside the laptop mcm hari tu.
Oh, baru teringat kene balik rumah lama and amik lipbalm masukkan dlam fridge hari tu.
Anyways, yes. It melted.
To the point that it was almost batter-like and bila nak pakai, dia menitik2.
I refrigerated it and now it's normal-looking again and tastes good.
Yay me! Hahah.

I ordered CookDoor for dinner and told the guy to bring change for 100.
The guy even had it printed on the receipt and the delivery guy had the guts to tell me nobody told him and even suggested that I wait while he goes to a shop because he had no change.
Dapat pulak nak trust you with 100 genih and not run away with my money.
After arguing and him muttering swear words under his breath while thinking that I-do-not-understand-him-but-I-do-and-was-actually-refraining-myself-from-kicking-or-at-least-swearing-back-at-him, Yuya gave me 40 and he returned my change. Tak cukup 50 sen.
While I was counting, he ran down the stairs.
Yes, ran.
Ok, fine, he did not run.
He fled down the stairs and into the lift.
Amik lah 50 sen tu, pergi beli Chixo. * a Cadbury version of Choki Choki*

Oh, and hopefully I can withdraw money tomorrow.
Am gonna buy that thing I want and no Low, am not gonna buy a canggih-canggih one so that sampai naik juling mata kau tengok.
Oh, and am in the mood for a new lipbalm.
Hopefully everything's well tomorrow with exam and all.

Ya Tuhanku, lapangkanlah untukku dadaku, Dan mudahkanlah untukku urusanku.


dLow said...

naik juling mate tgk

azwa said...

haha.aku beli yang biase je lah low. :D