Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It has been a while since we last ate at GMN and everyone was not in the mood to cook so we decided to have lunch at GMN.
I am honestly worried sick for Physiology.
Very very very worried.
So we were eating when Shabs came in with Asadah and Soraya and it wasn't until they sat with us that I noticed Asadah's jeans.
Its exactly the same pair of jeans I have and left at home.
And due to the awesome combination of imbalanced hormones, summer heat, starvation, exam stress and the frustation of trying to memorize immunity, I found myself missing home.
It was as if I was in my room, looking out the window, and everything was just surreal.
The bed, the closet, the chest by the window, the bathroom, the mirrors, the carpet, everything.
And it felt like I could just walk out the room and walk around the familiar house and expect familiar faces and voices around me.
And then reality hit.
At least lagi 2 bulan baru boleh balik okay? Sila berpijak di bumi nyata sekarang juga sebelum anda terbang jauh, mengelamun dan membiarkan saja buku Physio itu di situ.
It's silly how a pair of jeans can have that much effect.
Maybe it's this place.
Then again, maybe it's just me.

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