Monday, January 5, 2009

of cold nights,love and friendship.

today,i talked to a lot of ppl.
i have been doing a lot of thinking lately.
and some of it bothers me.
i didnt even realise it bothered me dat much.
so here goes.
i don't know what's up with u.
i do not know what do u want from me.
u said it will all get better.
and i actually believed u.
truly,i did.
but i guess things change.
u've changed.
n maybe i changed as well.
but i was hoping things didnt have to change.
but it did.
and i.
u got me hanging for a while.
i got lost.
i tried to find my way back.
i know that i have to let go and move on.
but somehow ur shadow still lingers around.
i realised dat you were a part of me.
and i guess you still are.
but this is as far as i can go.
i will not cling and drown myself anymore.
i will not make u want me anymore.
i have my family and friends around.
and i know,they still have my back.
i am moving on now.
trying to still have faith in everything and everyone else around me.
and smile.
cos i know the world is still spinning.
and i'm still living.
but u'll still be able to find my footprints in the sand.
loves :)

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