Saturday, January 3, 2009

butterfly kisses.

i just read dlow's blog.

and a few others.

so,the conclusion here is :

i miss ayah waking me up for school.

i miss mommy waiting for us at the school gate.

i miss nagging erra in d morning to hurry up.

i miss hearing pudding crying early in the morning for school.

i miss having lunch with mommy.

i miss staying back after school.

i miss dlow.

i miss lillians.

i miss 5c.

i miss d lounge.

i miss staying up late at nite wif d girls.

i miss camwhoring.

i miss those boring preps.

i miss having to sneak around just to eat maggi late at nite.

i miss having to book the shower.

i miss prefects shouting after latecomers.

i miss the boring classes.

i miss escaping programs.

i miss d fishball and the keli cili padi.

i miss the carefree days at UKM.

i miss the driving lessons.

i miss hanging out with mommy and makteh.

i miss hugging and kissing my aunts.

i miss having lunch and shopping with mommy.

i miss sleeping with erra every nite.

i miss ayah coming to my room every day after work.

i miss wrestling with pudding.

i miss erra and ding's hugs and kisses.

i miss visiting afiz.

i miss buying him large big mac set at mcdonalds.

i miss buying slurpees.

i miss going out together on weekends.

i miss stopping by the fish pond.

i miss watching afiz on my bed using the laptop.

i miss seeing ayah shake his head when he disapproves of something.

i miss seeing mommy smile.

i miss seing afiz blush and laugh.

i miss seeing erra roll on the floor laughing.

i miss seeing pudding playing his ps or ds.

i miss hearing the piano.

i miss my room.

i miss my house.

i miss everyone.

i'm not gonna cry.

at least not tonight.

goodnite everyone.

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