Sunday, January 18, 2009

hari ni izzah balik malaysia.we sent her till d gate n wauted for the tramco together with her friends. then faisal lalu, faisal pun lepak sekali. smpai tramco dtang, peluk2. menanges kejap. faisal record. selekeyh! den bile naek atas,masuk bilik izzah. ade note die tinggalkan. izzah balik malaysia sebulan. LAMENYE. haih.takpela.will be counting the days. :( izzah, enjoy balik! :)
bdw,tomorrow manchester program start exam.d day after tomorrow,kitorang.gosh,cuak.

the best of luck, loves.
and izzah, if you're reading this,we are missing you already.
and erra, goodluck fo your interview.
break a leg.

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