Saturday, January 3, 2009

it's 8.24 pm and i just finished watching twilight for d 3rd time dis year.ohh,how i envy bella.haha.

nothing much happened today.i stayed home all day n did not spend my money at all today.which, i am kinda proud of.i had to resist naz's persuasion to eat lunch at gmn and luckily izzah was der to convince me how good eggs are with kicap kipas udang.haha.

izzah made nasi lemak for was good and i tasted sotong kering for d first time.nice. :)

den naz made me dance to crazy in love if i wanted the key.she promised not to laugh.pika was there as well.and wen i did,naz laughed her head off and started rolling on the yang ym nye emoticon tu.n pika laughed as well.haha.naseb baek i got d keys.den dey went to nusan for their study group and naz looks nice tonite.n pika is very super duper extra blushingly happy sbb dpat ym ngan baong.haha.i stayed home, ALONE, watched twilight and den my sister buzzed me n we im'ed.haha.she got mad cos i wasnt responding well to her stories. sorry sis,but u buzzed me at d wrong time.will definitely make it up to u d next time.haha.

so now here i am alone,rewinding the movie in my head,hands freezing cold,waiting for my deares hsemates to come back home,thinking bout my screwed ipod, *gosh,i can hear pipin's voice.sudah,da la sorang2 je ni kat umah.nak kene tuka baju lagi,adoyai.* upcoming midterms and finding myself missing my family back home.darn.

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