Thursday, January 8, 2009

loving my girlfriends.


we annoy each other.

we bug each other.

we fight over d last piece of chocolate.


our mood swings are just simpy ridiculous.

we get mad over d simplest matter.


we push each other and fight for the mirror.


we shout at each other.

and end up sulking.


we joke around.

but the jokes arent funny at times.


we say the stupidest thing aloud.

and not realising.

dat it might hurt.

standing in front of the mirror and sharing eyeliners,lipsticks and makeups.

rummaging through each other's wardrobe.

laughing and rolling on the floor.

telling stories and sharing secrets.


singing out loud and dancing like no one's watching.

acting goofy.

crying our hearts out.

walking in the cold at 3 in the morning.

getting burns now and then at only-we-know-where.

eating snacks late at night.

drifting to sleep at the break of dawn.

day dreaming.

chocolates never tasted tastier.

crying never felt better.

jokes never felt funnier.

dreams never felt sweeter.

hopes never looked so possible.

i love you girls.



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