Friday, September 24, 2010

I will be on hiatus for quite some time.

I won't be writing anything. Will come online on Facebook once a day kot, tu pun maybe guna phone je. Will only be using my laptop when in dire need.

I will still be contact-able through my phone. Guaranteed.

Will be so because this is my once-in-a-lifetime chance to start over. I'm not giving this up and I'm gonna put my 150% in this. Tolong doakan I'm strong enough to make it through, dimudahkan segala urusan, dicukupkan semua keperluan, dijauhi dari fitnah dan aniaya orang dan takda masalah dengan siapa-siapa. InsyAllah.

Bye. I'm off to prove myself. I have a whole new world to unravel and a long road to travel.


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~mydear164~ said...

gudluck dear..p/s:ingtla bhw ALLAH sntiasa bsamamu,disaat susah dan senang..di saat kau disisi or x..di saat ko perlukan or xdiperlukan..ko sihat or skit..disaat mati or hidup,stp saat didunia ini..from me..slmt menempuh new life ye..miss u