Monday, September 6, 2010

Believe it or not, Facebook is a global-wide, nation-wide addiction.

Bila bangun pagi, first thing bukak : Facebook.

Sebelum tidur : Facebook.

Tengah bosan : Facebook.

Dalam class bila lecture bosan sikit : Facebook.

Sampai ada yang smbil buang air dlm toilet pun bukak Facebook. Kalau rumah ada wifi laptop boleh tarik masuk, tariikkkk. Kalau tak boleh, tercengot-cengot kat screen handphone smpai kepala terpusing-pusing pun boleeehhhh.

To a level that I feel people would do anything to be the ''it'' girl/boy on Facebook. Adding complete strangers just so that you would have the most amount of Facebook friends. Status dramas, controversional wall posts, hot hot photos on Facebook. You name it, we've seen it all.

But all in all, I think everyone would agree that deleting someone off Facebook would be the last straw of ending a relationship/friendship. A few days back, I deleted someone I used to be really close with because we haven't talked for monthsss, just because he now has a girlfriend and at one point, I chose to end it because to know that your bestfriend chooses a girl over you, that hurts. And I found out this morning that the girlfriend broke it off with him to rekindle an old flame with an ex. Sacrifise in the name of love worth it?

And last night, I found out that someone who was really close with me, deleted me off Facebook. Yes, we had our share of arguments but I really did feel like we worked it off before I got back and what she did truly left me in a state of shock. Yes, I was sad. I called up a few friends and asked people if I should add her back or if I should call her. I really did want to know what I did wrong.

But having gone through hell, this past few weeks, *no, I'm not exxagarating here, people, I really had gone through a lot for a 20-year-old*, I realised that a friend is not who you have commenting on your statuses everytime you post something, or one that is in the bff box on your facebook profile. Its the ones that come over to your place at 11 pm just because you're not okay. The ones willing to call you up for hours through Skype/ mobile just so you can cry and tell them what happened, how you feel and what your fears are and in return, they let you know that things are going to be fine and they remind you of the simple things in life that matters. The ones who writes you note and still believes in you even when your own family doesn't anymore.

Looking back, I definitely have taken a lot of my friends for granted. Most of the time, we forget that fun friends aren't always the good friends. I may not have children of the richest people in the country to be my friends. I don't have the sociallites as my friends either. Neither are the cool people who get to buy whatever they want and don't have to even work a day in their lifetime. But I'm truly happy that I have my circle of friends.

The feeling of knowing that they know they can text me at 4 in the morning just because they're sad and need to talk to someone or call me up because they found out something about their boyfriend/girlfriend or just went through a horrible breakup. Just the feeling of knowing that someone really cares about you and you feel the same way about them and that they trust you and they know that you'll always be there for each other no matter what the time or where in the world we are, that's my definition of what real friends are. No point if you have thousands of friends on Facebook and that you get hundreds of notifications every day, but in the end, you're alone and you just don't have that soft spot to fall on to. That, is sad.

So, shred away all the negativities and start cherishing the little things in life. That, dear good people, is what I will start doing now. Tak ada dah nak sakit hati dgn si polan ni, nak burukkan si polan tu. Nak jealous sbb si polan tu ada ni, si polan ni ada tu. It's truly a waste of energy and time. It's never too late to let positivity and happiness in your life.


sarah said...

i feel you

Sitti said...

this is so true. it's hard not to take true friends for granted.