Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aaaah, I've been literally gorging down food and ballooning up like there's no tomorrow. All the dieting and the thread mill runs at 1 in the morning at least once every two days just went down the drain. 2 days of raya and I feel like I've put on more weight than before.

Mana taknya, malam nak raya we had rendang and ketupat and I think that is the most addictive food ever so that night alone, I had like 5-6 servings. That is easily equivalent to 4 days' dinner.

The next morning, I had another 2-3 rounds in the morning and then in the afternoon when I went over to my aunt's house, I had another round of ketupat, rendang kerang and ayam goreng. I dare not count the calories here. :| Ah, and please don't forget, obviously tak minum air suam dah lah kan. Carbonated drinks and air manis all the way lah, kata pun raya. Tak sah raya kalau air-air mcm ni tak hidang at least 5 jug.

And then we left for Ipoh that night and sampai-sampai, Opah dah hidang nasi minyak with Rendang Tok and daging kurma.

In the morning, when we started going round to relatives' place, makan dah tak payah cakap okay. I ate at every house we went because kononnya, I wanted to be polite. Orang dah hidang, takkan tak makan kan? At least rasa sikit (?). So at the first house, we had nasi beriani and ayam masak merah. So was the second house, and yes, I ate again although menu sama. Why? Because it's Raya, dammit. -_- And then at the third house, we had laksa. I'm not really fond of laksa, so I ate cookies. Lots of them. And by the time we were at the fourth house, I just couldn't take the nasi lemak and kuey tiow sup anymore. If I did, I would have thrown up at that instance.

We went back sometime at 6 and after Maghrib, we had dinner. It was the usual nasi, udang, ketam and ikan feast. Then, I had mihun goreng. And lots and lots of durian for dessert. Oh lupa nak cakap, I had 2 servings of mihun goreng and cempedak goreng for breakfast. Oh my, just writing all of this down, makes me go, Oh man, what did I do to myself? Lepas ni jangan kan kata nak run 2 miles, nak jog 15 minutes pun dah semput and tak larat agaknya. :\

All in all, it was an emotional raya. It was the first without my Atok KL and some other relatives who passed away all sometime near raya. But I met up with a lot of cousins I haven't seen for years and we had so many rounds of cards, everyone was so worn up that everyone went to bed early. These 2 days were fun and I can't wait for shopping now that my purse isn't so empty anymore. But first off, I'll have to cut down all carbo and sugar intakes and start running on the threadmill. If I go shopping like this, I don't think I'll be able to find anything that fits me and my friends will have the scare of their life seeing how fat I am now. Happy shopping, spend all that duit raya wisely ;)


mye. said...

hahahahahah i'm so going to link this in my next blog. hihi

azwa said...

HAHAH. I know righhtttt, gmbar raya aku semua hongeh tunggu masa nak semput je!

azwa said...

HAHAH. I know righhtttt, gmbar raya aku semua hongeh tunggu masa nak semput je!