Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am afraid of :

1. Sitting in the dark. Bad things happen in the dark, this is simply known to the entire mankind population. I feel like I'm suffocating and that if something hits me or pull me away from where I stand, I won't be able to see who or what and sitting in the dark just give me shivers. This is when my body mutates and I have bionic eyes.

2. Swimming in the ocean/lake/river. Simply because you can't guess the depth of the water and I hate strong currents. And I hate the feeling I have in my chest when I suddenly can't feel the bottom anymore.

3. Trying too hard and still failing or not achieving the expected end results. That's when I feel even lower than six feet under.

4. Trusting someone too much and being too happy and feeling like things have been going my way. Something must be wrong. It will be.

5. Dying and not to be able to tell the people I truly care and love what I want to, or losing the people I love. It's the same as me dying. Only that I don't admit it out loud. Who I love, the regrets and the things I want to do for and with them.


JameyJ_Be湖聿 said...
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sitti said...

The being afraid of the dark part makes me wanna share a Thai lightbulb ad with you. I guess I will. Check your facebook later on.

The swimming in the lake/ocean part: i can't swim and i almost drown twice. once when i was a kid with my head accidentally dunked in a pail, twice when i fell debush into a puddle of mud just a few weeks ago. and i still wanna learn how to swim so that i can swim freely in lakes/oceans/rivers.

Lastly, the trying hard but failing part sucks. Seriously.

Always love your entries, babe.

azwa said...

I did and the video was nice, thank you.

I hope you do. Then maybe we can go on a swimming ytip to Mauritius or somewhere exotic. :)

Thanks Sitti, it's nice to know that someone actually cares of what I have to say or think. <3