Saturday, January 16, 2010

They say I am stupid.
Honestly, sometimes I feel like I am.
But tell me this.
Does trying to look pass other people's ugly side and trying to hide them somewhere so deep to the point you think you can run from it and lie to yourself over and over again worth it?
Is it so hard to just be nice to the people who has done nothing but try to be nice to you?
We just don't have the answer to everything, that, I know.
But sometimes I wish there was a switch that erases all the bad feelings, thoughts, vibes, whatever you call it.

p/s: I think I'm so stoned due to sleep deprivation I'll sleep the whole day tomorrow.


mye. said...

baby, kenapa ni? who is it :|

azwa said...

haha. tak de siapa lah mye, it's just a story i came across and read. :)