Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm sorry I hesitated and it took me so long to come and get you.
I know right now things are just so fucked up and you feel like everything is crashing on you.
You feel like the whole world is laughing and pointing their fingers at you.
You feel like there is absolutely nothing that you can do and you want to hide and shield yourself from everything and everyone.
I know how confused and messed up you are and that no matter how hard you try to lie to yourself, you just can't.

Please don't put up that smile, we both know it's fake.
Don't tell yourself that you're strong enough to stand on your own, when we both know you're just drowning deeper.
You can't stand on your own two feet right now and I am not strong enough to carry you on my own.
Give me your hand, show me that you still have that fighting spirit I've always adored.
I know it's still somewhere deep down.
Although it may seem like it's shattered, broken into pieces and crushed, we can still fix the broken pieces before it's too late.
All I need you to do is give me your hand, don't look back, and fight this battle.
I still have faith in you and I know this is not who you really are and beneath all the lies you try to build to shield yourself, this is not what you really want.
And I think you know that eventually, it is eating you from the inside, and consuming you.

Stop all this.
Give me your hand and I will not let go.
Come home with me.
We are not the whole wide world.

We are your friends.

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