Monday, January 4, 2010

I know people usually post this on NYE or New Year itself, but hey, better late than never, right?
So here are my New Year's resolution. It ain't that great, but hey, at least I have some.

1. To have better control of my emotions and myself. This includes to be more patient, less judgmental, listen more and talk less, not be bothered by things that shouldn't be bothering me, be nicer to people, and when I say I'm gonna do something, I shall do it and not procrastinate.

2. To stop spending on things unworthy of my attention and that I could live without and still be happy. I will only buy something if it is on sale, or if I need it and only as a treat to myself after I have done something I should feel proud of and deserves to be treated. Or If I could not contain myself, I shall buy it as a gift to someone, to spread the love and what not. And that includes offering my food to those who need it more than I do and not run away, unless they are attacking me with brutal forces like the other day that beggar literally forced me to give her my money and when I didn't because I couldn't she pulled my hand so hard because she wanted my purse that it left a red mark for quite some time and when I managed to run, she swore that God would never ever help me again.

3. To do my laundry and clean up my room more often. I learnt that I should not not do my laundry untill the laundry basket is full and that I have nothing else to wear because you never know what's gonna happen and you don't want to go out with something that should have been washed a few days ago and no matter how hard I try to escape doing the laundry, I still have to do it. And for the room, you can't have all the world to yourself, so your room is basically your little world. And who wouldn't want their little world to be perfect?

4. To devote more of my time and energy to God. When everything in your world seems to fall out of place and you feel like basically you're alone, actually you're not. God is closer to you than you can ever imagine. And if there's someone, somewhere who would be with you all the time, He would. So, I will, because I believe that He has his plans and that with His guidance, Insya-Allah, things would work out, one way or another.

5. To talk to my family more often. My mom keeps telling me that I am not calling home, that I am spending my time more on Facebook, or more specifically Cafe World so I will call home or Skype with them more often and tell them all that's been happening and bore my mom with me whining about things only a few know, not to talk to my dad only when I need something, Ding can take more snapshots of me in my pajamas with my messy hair and indescribably horrible facial expressions and hear Erra talk in Kedah or if I'm lucky, see them wrestle each other in front of the webcam.

6. To see the good side in others. The world is not full of fairies and saints and neither is it populated by beasts and monsters. Everyone is human and has a good and bad side to them. We can't change someone, or expect them to change entirely to be someone you like because that's just it, we can't please everyone no matter how hard we try. So all you can do, is to look at the good side and not let the bad side cloud your judgement.

7. To have more faith in myself and believe that If I really want something and work hard enough for it, I will get it.


shapikapikabon said...

i loike this post. ;D

p/s : sayang kau.

mastura :) said...

kite pun suke juge! :)
go baby! u can do it!
percaya diri sendiri ok :)
i'Allah Dia ada untuk tolong.always.bila2 masa.yakin je dengan apa yang kita nak.Dia akan bagi.ingat tak izzah cakap dulu,"Allah akan makbulkan apa yang kita percaya". so, bila kita percaya kita boleh,kita boleh! yeahh! :D

sayang kau banyak2! muahh! :*

azwa said...

thank you for supporting and always being there for me throughout the years and hopefully the coming years as well. aku pun sayang korang banyak2. <3