Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yuya and Pika's room is like our little home now.
We do basically everything in here.
Sleep, chat, eat, talk, surf the net, study.
So yeah it has become very cosy now.
You can find blankets and pillows everywhere, even on the floor.
Notes and book and highliters and laptops.
Skulls, skeletons, microscope, stetothoscope.
The funny thing is, when one of us studies, the rest will follow to.
If one of us starts to pray, everybody does the same.
One goes to the kitchen and starts cooking and the next, everyone's at the kitchen cooking too.
One falls asleep in the afternoon, all four do too.
Izzah came in because apparently studying alone made her feel sleepy.

So we have been talking and studying and laughing and basically just enjoying each other's company and mind you, we might only have less than a month left to spend with Izzah.
Among the topics we came across tonight :

  • How we can make Nasyid better and score more hits at Youtube. By inserting awesome dance moves and so everyone started making weird dance moves and we had a blast laughing.
  • Dreams and what it might mean.
  • Nabi Yusuf
  • Once everyone's back in Malaysia, the five of us will meet up and spend a whole week going out. Satay, malls, movie, camping.
  • Pika reminded me that I once told her that I wanted to spend a day at the new OU and go check out as many shops possible. Might do it with Izzah.
  • Wanted to go to Bandung but then it might be hard because apparently holiday's not that long.
  • Cheap airline tickets.
  • How to judge your own a**.
  • Exercise for the butt.
  • Romantic stories.
  • Learn Mandarin in 5 minutes.
  • Renaming names in Mandarin.
  • And without noticing, how to appreciate each other. ;)

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