Saturday, May 23, 2009

Being a professor with 4 PhDs and earning half a million a month doesn't make you always right and the right to make the world revolve around you.

The saying "aku dah makan garam dulu" doesnt mean that whatever you say, think or do is the best for everyone.

An old beggar who wears ragged clothes, haven't showered in god-knows-how-long, eats bits and crumbs of mouldy bread and walks bare footed with his dry cracked heels may say something wiser than a 80 year old mahaguru who is well known over whatevertopia kingdom.

When a 8 year-old kid says something to you, it doesn't mean it is of less importance.

It doesnt mean what he says is merely the thinking of an 8 year old.

People who goes to college or university may succeed in whatever major they're taking, but no guarantess they will in the school of life.

Ini bukan sindiran untuk sesiapa, it is a reminder, to myself, most importantly.

To never look at who is doing the talking, but the point he is trying to deliver.

One of the things I've learnt over the years is that to never judge a book by its cover.

Haha.Cliche I know, but it's true.

Because first impressions are not always right.


Or at least for me, that is.

Anyways Biochem exam is just 4 days away.Manchester lagi 8 hari.

Jadi bahangnya dah terasa.

Oh jantung, jangan pecah lagi.

Like this morning, when I woke up, they were all studying and it was 10 in the morning.I immediately woke up and started studying. I managed answering a question and was too sleepy to concentrate and went back to sleep. When I woke up, everone was hungry and we ordered Hadaral Maut. Yes, we asked for DELIVERY. Haha.Anyone who needs numbers for delivery, Cook Door, Mo'men, Brema, Pizza King or even Metro, call us. Haha.

Fah is at our place now, reminiscing their Maktab Mahmud days with Pika. She was doing a survey for PCM, wanting to know who is not going back for summer break. Thinking about it, I am a bit worried since the last time I checked for ticket availability online, tickets left are mainly business class. And Izzah just found out that instead of going back on the 5th, she has to go back on the 8th because the flight was fully booked. And Mommy and Ayah wants me back for Ramadhan.

And now I am having second thoughts about buying the internet modem.
Oh, and I want otak2 too.Anyone care to Fed Ex it to Egypt for me? ;)

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