Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I just finished Oral Anatomy exam just now. Together with Practical Anatmomy and Written Anatomy. So basically I'm done with Anatomy *at least for now* .
Oral exam was unbelievaby. Very brief. And his first question was,
''Where did you buy your watch?''
Hearing that, I laughed and relaxed a bit. The doctor was nice. Very nice. I like him. ;)

Next paper is Written Biochemistry, on the 28th May, which means that I have a week to go all out and study Biochemistry.
Which, I will.
Yes people,
I will.

Ayah has been texting me and asking how I am since I haven't talked to them for a while. Haven't been IM'ing with Mommy and my messages on Facebook arent that long either. So I get that they are worried with what's been happening and all. I wanted to call, but somehow the internet connection has been bad and I can't call. Sorry Mommy and Ayah to worry you guys.

Since it's already May and Naz and Pika will be going back to Malaysia in June and most probably Yuya and I will be going back before Ramadhan or mid Ramadhan and will come back sometime in November, we had to find a new house because juniors are coming in and we decided not to stay at the house we're leaving at. Knocking from door to door, street by street, in the middle of summer is not our idea of house hunting, so decided to use a broker instead. We wanted a house with four bed rooms and after much persuading and argumenting, he showed us a house next to GMN. All the way up at the rooftop. Luckily they have a lift. The house is still under construction, buit it looks nice with it having tiles, a nice kitchen, nice bathroom, spacious rooms and big balcony, we agreed, even though that meant that Pika and I will be sharing the same room and the rent is 1400 LE a month. Abg Nan helped sealed the deal and while waiting for the Baba, who is a Tok Kadi, agree to rent the house with us, we were there to see a couple get married. Nothing like us Malaysians. No fancy dresses, dolled up bride,cameramen with big a*s cameras and families around. Just the couple, clad in jeans and shirt and a camera phone. InsyaALLAH will be moving in by mid June.Hope all goes well.

Ayah called the other day and talked to him for a while and then Mommy went online and chatted for a while. Dapat lah lepas rindu sikit. They want me to be back by the start of Ramadhan, tapi tak tahu lagi lah mcm mane. Tgok dulu.

''Jangan nak surprise2 Mommy ngan Ayah, balik tak nak bagi tahu.Tgok2 kitorang pergi Bandung, raya shopping ke ape, baru tahu nnt.''

Yes ma, will tell you the instance my flight ticket is confirmed. :)

Anyways, although we are all excited about going back to Malaysia and moving, I can't help but feel sad because that means that we will be leaving Izzah.

''Allah, depan block je. Bukan jauh mane pun.'' you may say. But Izzah is like a big sister we all never had. We can tell her anything. anything. And she'll be there for us, like a big sister. She cooks for us whenever we're hungry, talks to us when we're feeling down, wipes our tears when we're crying and does things that a sister would. I'll definitely miss the screaming and laughing and delivering food bile malas nak masak moments. And her. :(

Ohhh and due to exam stress, my housemates are going insane.
You would agree if you see the stuffs we say and do.
Its okay, I love them anyways. :)

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