Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's 2.39 in the morning and I'm still reading about erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Lots more to go and I have practical exam tomorrow at 2. Planned to stay up until 5 and sleep in till 9. Will be goint for Histo and Biochem class and all practical classes. But then, I am now having stomach cramp and I bet it'll worsen by tomorrow morning. Am now having doubts about being able to go and see jars and sit 8 hours straight in class. Will see how it goes tomorrow.

Anyways,been studying with Shabs and Naz at the living room. Yesterday, I spent the whole night reading about Pulmonary Function Tests. Tonight we studied more than we played but at times, we would be singing 90s songs and Naz cooked at 1 in the morning.We were all very sleepy by 10 that Naz made a whole jug of coffee and we finished it in less than half an hour. Shabs even brought gummy worms and we were hoping to get sugar rush so we'd be all hyper and concentrating. Pfft.

So yeah, it's freaking cold, the living room is full with books, bags, stationaries and lots of stuff to keep us awake. Naz and Shabs even you-tubed cats to keep them wide awake. Yes, thats how desperate we are to stay awake.

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