Friday, February 6, 2009

today it was my turn to cook.
so i made porridge *penuh dengan kaseh sayang taoh* and ate dinner.
god,we miss izzah.terribly.cepat la balek wahai kakak kami.
so it turned out that erra got accepted into MRSM Kubang Pasu and I feel kinda bad for her,knowing how much she wanted TKC.
so at first,she was very reluctant.VERY.ayah texted me n pika,naz and i immediately googled it.den i talked erra into going,even though i myself am being hesitant.i know she's 13 and she needs to grow up, toughen up,be more matured and learn to be more control of her life,but she is still my little sister.she always will be.and apparently,mommy worries about it as much as i do.n the fact that that place is 5 hours drive from my house,doesnt make us feel i told erra all the pros and cons,and apparently after much thinking,she decided to go for it.
i have no idea how life will treat her there,but she will always be in my prayer.and i know mommy feels sad,and lonely,as we are all not at home,except for pudding. and he will either be playing the ds,ps,surf the net or watch tv shows.n yeah,i miss having ding close to me.and the fact that erra will be at boarding school,it means she won't have her cell,she cant im me and i cant talk to her as frequent.n m suddenly missing home badly.and that one biatch isnt helping brighten my mood either.n what faisal told me in the cab boggled my mind.a bit.but it still boggled me.i told mommy wats happening around me lately,n she says that we should just hang in here,cos one day, the truth will prevail.

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