Monday, February 16, 2009

this song has been playing in my mind for quite some time now.
i don't even know why.

All i ever wanted was to love you
Girl I never meant to cause you pain
And I only have myself to blame
Now you're gone and I can't stop thinking of you
Every time I hear your name
I think of what I've done again and again
See I'm all alone tonight with just a memory
And baby you're a million miles away
I can't take another day
If I ain't got you
I ain't got anything
It just dont feel the same
If I ain't got you
I ain't got anything
Can't even feel the pain
If I ain't got you
I remember when we were together
I remember how you used to say
There's nothing I could do to turn you away
I know, I know that things have changed forever
If I look into your eyes
All I see now is tears
If I could, I would pick up teh pieces of ur broken heart
And put it back together
A nd I would, I would hold you in my arms till the burning stops
And stay right here forever.

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