Monday, February 2, 2009

so i have only one paper left,the dreaded biochemistry.
we had a two day gap after anatomy.
and i wanted to score biochem badly.
but on monday,i started feeling sick.
when i burp,it tasted like puke *seriously*,my stomach growled like mad,my head pounded and i had to go to the toilet a lot of times.
i've had this before and it ain't nice.
the last time i had it,kak nadia gave me some pills to ease it.
before that,i had i when i first came to egypt n i had to stay in bed for 3 days.
so,while we were halfway through the movie "wanted",we decided to go the hospital and it was half past midnight.
pika,naz,faisal,rosal and i.
since yuya was already sleeping and i didnt want to wake her up.
we went to SALAB and the doctor said i had colloids.
and hypotension.
and i am now lactose intolerant.
so i had to stay at the hospital till 4 in the morning for a bag of iv and an injection.
the next day,while they were all out,i stayed at home with yuya.
while we were studying,we heard the amu who sells the best ruz billaban *milk and rice,its an egyptian dish i guess* we've ever tasted.
so,being me n yuya,we ran for our purse and basically ran all the way down from the fifth floor in our pyjamas.
we bought four and had two each.
after i finished my share,i started feeling dizzy and started puking.
great,we forgot bout the milk part.

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