Sunday, June 27, 2010

Exams itu sgt palat. Honestly. It makes people go bonkers, literally. Lagi-lagi kalau dpat exam mcm kitorang, 3 bulan. That's 3 months of hell, I'm telling you.

Anat 50-50%. Kalau lepas, aku tak tau nk ckp mcm mana bersyukurnya I will be. Biochem boleh buat, I honestly expect a pass, insyaAllah, Amin. Physio lagi 3 hari, tapi cover mcm tak cover je. Semoga Allah mudahkan segalanya and I really need to pass all four. My life is at stake. Literally.

I think exam's this year is really testing everyone emotionally. Everyone's breaking down, at one point or another. Tekanan emosi dan depresi ada di mana-mana di Mansoura. You can feel it on the streets, even. Hopefully we will all have the strength to make it through. God knows this is hard. All I want to do right now is just sit on my bed, watch reruns of downloaded low-quality movies on my laptop and eat ice cream straight from the tub.

I want to pass. I want to go home. I want to come back to Egypt in November for my life as a second year medical student. Amin, ya Rabb. Amin, Amin, Ya Rabb al-Alamin.

Sometimes, I go to bed thinking that I want to pass exams and I hug my pillow tight. I hope He listens to me. To us all. Because we are all fighting for our future.


mye. said...

we have to get through this.

gotta get through this- daniel bedingfield

uh oh uh ohh shake your bonbon! HAHAHA taktaula kenapa bila nak comment blog baby mesti nak tulis bonbon :D:D

azwa said...

tu lah pasal. but i'm drained. physically, mentally and emotionally.


yesss, let's shake it in Cairo babeh!