Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After three whole days of me staying in bed, trying to run from sunlight and people and mustering the pieces of courage and hope left in me, we threw a surprise birthday party for Fat. We made our own triffle, macaroni with minced meat and egg sandwishes. The foods were awesome, we literally ate the whole night, till noon. It was food, face paint, taking pictures, food, a ghost movie, Facebook-ing, food and more food. It was nice, a night of taking our mind off things. :)

And to those who passed the Semester 4 Finals, Congratulations! And for those who didn't, don't worry, theres still the repeat paper. Work harder and don't give up and lose faith just yet. The rainbow will come at the end of the storm.

I thought I moved on, but clearly I haven't. What happens when you love someone just a little bit too much and even though you know you just can't be together in the end, but your heart still wants you to stay a little longer and fight?

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