Monday, July 5, 2010

Why I Need To Go Back To Malaysia This Year:

1. Need to buy more clothes and shoes. Kalau beli sendiri, I need to worry about money and I'm not exactly the best one in budgetting and according to plan.

2. I miss driving and fully air-conditioned cars and people not honking every 2 minutes while driving.

3. I promised Pudding I'd buy him boxes of Tako Tao.

4. I need to see if they have any new stores in KLCC.

5. Even though I love City Stars to bits and pieces and all, I need to go to other malls. Too much of soemthing is never good enough.

6. The fact that I'm a terrible cook and is food deprived, I don't want to go bonkers.

7. It's too hot and dry here. I need a balance of the Asian heat and some rain and greenery.

8.My bed in Malaysia doesn't have bed mites and it's cooler, and even though there's no couch and a dining table in my room, I miss my room. The smell, my bed, the view from my window and my own bathroom.

9. I miss going out and not having people look at you like you're wearing your pants inside out.

10. I miss home and I miss my family.