Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There were Frosties and Corn Flakes on the shelf, apart from Smacks. But why did I take Smacks instead?

  1. I wanted Rice Krispies, but they ran out if stock.
  2. Smacks sounded cool.
  3. Wnted to try something new,to invigorate the senses.

The results?

It tasted like burnt pecans eaten with milk.

I added slices of banana to help finish up a whole bowl of it but did it help? No.

Izzah tried and she said it tastes awful.

Pika said it tastes nice, but looks like little bugs swimming and asked me to imagine eating little bugs with milk. It being crunchy and all. -.-'' Pika finished it.

I bought a BIG box of it,and it costs me LE 30. I don't think I can finish it. Didnt mean to waste, but I just can't eat it. Will be giving Pika the cereal since she likes it.

Moral of the story, stick to cereals you know tastes good.

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