Friday, April 3, 2009

It's 6.18 in the morning and no,it's not dark.
I havent slept yet, because it was one heck of a night.

I made su'un,but something, somehow, somewhere went wrong and it didnt taste good. My cooking's not that awful, my housemates are still breathing after 7 months of having to eat what I made them every Thursday. But then, maybe it was just the other half of me, the one who wanted pizza so badly.

I called Faisal and askedif he wanted to go to Pizza King, a local pizza parlor, but he had a semayang hajat thing going on so we decided to go some other time. While trying to eat my so-called-meal, I just couldnt eat it and decided to go to Pizza Hut since we can just take a cab and it'll be way safer rathar than walking along dark alleys and Galak. So I went with Pika, yes, just the two of us. I wanted Stuffed Crust Pizza so badly, I didn't mind having a regular pizza, since they dont have personal pizza's for stuffed crust. I didn't finish it. Brought it home. Decided to go to Nike and Caj since Pika's looking for a birthday present for someone. Nothing interesting in Nike and Caj was closed. Went back home.

Yuya and Pika have been wearing kain batik for a couple of nights, and Naz usually goes to bed in one. So took out my mom's kain batik and insisted that Naz teach me how to wear it. Pika came out and we started playing with the kain batik. Yuya came out after she heard the noise, and we grabbed selendangs and camwhored. Until Shabs and Asadah called,wanting us to go to Cafe Cafe as well. At first, I decided not to, because I just got back and wanted to just sit quietly at home, so Naz went with Faisal. Not long after that, I wanted bananas so buzzed Aceng to go to the fruit stall with me. Decided to join them at Cafe Cafe and realized that Shabs coloured her hair. The same colour as her mobile. Pfft Shabs. Haha. :D :D Faisal left early, so Aceng had to bear hearing us talk about stuffs. Makeup,sales,mall,hair,etc. We went back at 1 in the morning.

Then it was Asadah's turn to colour her hair.When I got to their house, Shabs was half way through and I just finish off whats left. Was very sleepy by then, but I wanted to stay up, practically fell asleep on Asadah's bed, so Shabs made me a cup of coffee. Yes, that's how sweet Shabs is. :) Waited for Asadah to wash her hair and helped her dry her hair. It turned out nice. We could open a salon. Haha. So went back home with Naz, *bdw,their place is on the ground floor,and ours is on the fifth floor*. Naz went to bed after Isya' and everybody's still sleeping. I am trying to study Biochem. Exam's less than a month away and I am really nervous. And just so you know, I have no confidence for Anat. Nada, nil, zero. Gosh. Will have to work my way if I want to get back home.

Here's the timetable.

  • Essay : 14th May
  • Oral : 20th May
  • Essay : 28th May
  • Oral : 30th May
  • Essay : 13th June
  • Oral : 19th June
  • Essay : 25th June
  • Oral : 29th June
  • 5th June

*slaps self hard*

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