Monday, August 17, 2009

The I wish's.

1. I wish that I was skinny, pretty, and tall.
2. I wish I don't shop that much and spend my money on less money-consuming things like tissues.
3. I wish I could eat seafood every day and have crabs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. I wish Snow White wore a different gown and Cinderella would wear her hair down.
5. I wish I could fly to Disneyland whenever I feel sad or lonely.
6. I wish I understand what animals are saying. Moo must mean smtg, right?
7. I wish cats don't scratch and animals are less scary.
8. I wish I have a lot of money so that I would be a guilt-free shopper.
9. I wish acne is a sticker dentists give instead of smtg that grows on your face or on your back.
10. I wish I could have a lion or a polar bear for a pet.
11. I wish ppl would understand that love is not just for boyfriends/girlfriends.There's a whole lot more to it.
12. I wish there are no such thing as light pollution.
13. I wish people would judge less and care more.
14. I wish leaving is a good thing and not one where people cry and be miserable about.
15. I wish homesick was a chocolate frog.


Syue said...

i wish for number 13 too.
let's keep wishing then.

zaty said...

i like this :)esply 14.

mzsolis23 said...

"1. I wish that I was skinny, pretty, and tall.."..Bby, u dah cute dah pn..dah pretty..hehe!~ :D

I like no.11..hehehe!~

Also i know what's the meaning of 'Moo'...Nak tau ape?Just pm me..harharhar!~

duwenk said...

hihihihh... yahh i wish too... hiihh

prastanta said...

I like this post. and you wish for a hell lot of stuff, By.

Be happy for who you are. Everyone else does.