Saturday, October 31, 2009

today is the 1st.
which means i have 4 days left.
so much to do, so little time.

the guy from best denki didn't call me, though he promised that he would.
so i had ayah call them and ask because i need my ipod. very sooon.
and they said they didnt know if my ipod would be ready by today.
which part of 'i need my ipod before wednesay because i'm going off soon' did you not understand?
mom said most probably they didn't know what was really wrong with my ipod.
true. the other day the repair guy called me and said 'your ipod is perfectly fine, miss. nothing wrong at all'.
technology repels me. my laptop, my handphone, my camera, even my watch.
you name it.
something IS wrong and i know it.
why would i not use my ipod for more than 6 months then?
please, do get it fixed.
that's 80 gb of my life we're talking about.

and i have started packing, due to my parents' constant reminder.
i've stuffed in basically everything,
except for a few pair of jeans, some shirts, chargers and some toiletries.
and shoes.
i weighed the smaller bag for check in, and it was 15 kgs.
AFTER i unstuffed some food and told mom to send it to me later together with my baju kurung.
so now i have to come up with a few options, because i don't think ayah would be very happy having to pay another 5++ or 9++ for extra baggage.

option 1 :
unpack all food items and go as anorexic as possible.

option 2 :
hang shoes around my neck, carry bags on both my shoulders and wear layers of clothes.

option 3 :
buy another seat and place a fish in a ziploc on the seat so that i'll get another 40 kg luggage allowance.

mcm mana? :S


dealova said...

just give a veryyyyyyy sweaattt smile n they will let you go..
i'd did.
45++ kilos..
sigh ><

azwa said...

well, what if the guy at the counter's gay? :S

alyaa said...

ko kat ne skang? bile balik malaysia?

dLow said...


duwenk said...

welcome back!! hahah

azwa said...

alyaa - dah balik egypt balik dah lah alyaa.

dlow - kan? mane gmbar, nak tgok. :D

duwenk - haha. terima kasih. :)