Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy 43rd Birthday, Ayah. I love you lottsss.

And have a safe journey Mommy and Mak Teh. I love both of you very much.

I got bored of my bedsheet so bought a new bedsheet with Shabs. It's Egyptian Cotton and it's unbelievably cheap. We got it for 50 genih when they sell the exact same one in Malaysia for RM400. Strike one for Egypt! Haha.

Along with the excitement of the new bedsheet, I cleaned the whole room. Rearranged stuffs, swept the floors, tidied the clothes, lap sini, lap sana, did a whole week's laundry and basically is now happy with the room. I wanted to buy new carpet, a floor-length mirror and a chest but will have to wait for Pika which means another 2 months, more or less.

And then I changed my ticket so iA will be coming home on the 15th of September, by Gulf Air. So far the plan is to go mandi and tukar baju at Atok's place or rumah and then straight away to KLCC shopping and then berbuka and all. But then Soraya said, will probably get too tired and balik terus tidur. Haha, will see how it goes. Ohh, can't wait to come back home.

Ohhh and after all the excitement of mengemas rumah, I am now down with sorethroat and flu. Oh and did I mention that we do not have a window, so basically dust is everywhere. And its Egypt, so its double or triple the amount of dust. And, Baba's renovating his store upstairs. The drilling, hammering, shouting, saw dusts, cements and all tidak membantu langsung proses baik pulih ini. Sighs. My head is so heavy I feel like I'm walking in a cemented helmet and the small annoying penyek thing is now blocked. Stuffed. Geli? Seberat-berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. And I miss the company. Everyone's back in Malaysia, or at home, refusing to go out because of the weather. Come laah, lets go out or something. I thought summer was supposed to be fun?

Haih. Can I get a Happy Meal with a strawberry sundae and a big bear hug? *hachoo* ooh, and another box of Kleenex please?

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anis said...

Hye! :)
was blogwalking and found your blog. :D